This is the first edition of me highlighting very talented people who should have millions of followers on Twitter, but for whatever reason have less than a thousand. The Mass Mutual spot in the clip below is one of the sweetest ads you'll ever see.

The 'Mother' in the ad aptly titled 'Mother' is Katherine Norland  She is also a poet, actress, screenwriter and the list goes on and on and it may still include professional wrestling although I haven't seen any recent rasslin' updates.

If you are hesitant to follow people (as I am), don't worry, her tweets will not bombard your timeline and they are always interesting. The tweet below has her latest demo reel. (Some parts may be a little NSFW)

After watching this I thought, how does this person only have 350 followers?  But as we all know, actual talent and social media stardom do not often mix. So, I'm calling out to my 225 followers and the thousands reading this post to please follow Katherine Norland ... you won't regret the decision.