My precognitive ability in forecasting DWTS eliminations has never been so out of whack in the entire 23 season history of the show as it has been this season. However, this will not prevent me from trying to keep a pretty impressive streak alive. 

4th Place Prediction: Jana Kramer

I have nothing to base tonight's prediction upon other than a hunch. Something about it being Thanksgiving week has made my psychic windmill turn 180 degrees in favor of someone I predicted would be long gone by now.

3rd Place Prediction: Calvin Johnson

Pay no attention to the fact I predicted the end of 'Megatron' last week. Thanksgiving week is a week in which The Detroit Lions are celebrated, and that phenomena will catapult Calvin into tomorrow night's final. On top of that, I think he truly deserves to be in the Final Three and DWTS voters tend to reward both hard work and talent.

2nd Place Prediction: James Hinchcliffe

There are rumors of a Racer Faceoff Dance between Mr. Hinchcliffe and Season 5 Champion Helio Castroneves happening at some point during the next two shows. Sadly for James, this contest will not put him over the top. (Although he is PAINFULLY close to hoisting The Mirrorball Trophy.)

Mirrorball Champ of Season 23 Prediction: Laurie Hernandez

I'd say that less than half the time the top two 'Stars' are so close in talent, showmanship and likability that it's really difficult to predict the winner, with less than 36 hours to go.

However, I picked Laurie as the Champ back in September and I'm certainly not going to step back from that declaration THIS CLOSE TO THE END.

If you disagree with any or all of these picks, DON'T WORRY! As I stated in the intro, I haven't been able to predict Season 23 at all. I have predicted the last 3 Mirrorball champs though and that incredible streak can't last forever ...  can it?