Somehow I managed to beat Bob this week with an 11-4 record, this is VERY impressive since I completely forgot to pick Seattle last week. That will not be the case this week!

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A-Train Picks: The Seattle Seahawks

You'd never know it from this picture of Seattle's head coach Pete Carroll(above), but his team is playing really well and at the best possible time. The very loud confines of CenturyLink Field is a tough enough place to play when your NOT as bad as The Cardinals have been this year. Arizona has no chance.

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Bob from Honda Barn Picks: The Oakland Raiders

Bob thinks The Indianapolis Colts are soft. He probably won't like me relaying that editorial comment over the world wide web, but I do so because I wholeheartedly agree with him. Their recent streak of decent football will come to a screeching halt in THE BLACK HOLE as The Raiders will dominate Indy on Christmas Eve.

Both Bob and I want to thank Seacoast Butcher Shop for a terrific season of prizes, and of course, Honda Barn 'Where you're THE BIG DEAL' !

Happy Holidays!