I should really change this headline so that Bob from Honda Barn gets first billing, to call his current hot streak remarkable would be a BIG understatement.

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Over the last two weeks of NFL games, Bob from Honda Barn (pictured above) is 21-5.

Considering that you get no credit for a tie game, his winning percentage is a SCORCHING .840 ! This is not a fluke! You must listen to his humble "Big Deal Pick of the Week" in the audio provided below.

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Bob from Honda Barn Picks: The Baltimore Ravens

After an impressive win against Pittsburgh last week, Bob predicts that The Ravens will keep it rolling for Thursday Night Football against the sad and winless Browns.

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A-Train Picks: The Los Angeles Rams

Speaking of sad and winless, my 'Big Deal' losing streak is bound to end as The New York Jets will be without QB Ryan Fitzpatrick(above) and may have to depend on a 3rd or 4th string QB this week. The Jets are awful. If they beat The Rams it will prove that I must be cursed. There is no other explanation.

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