Here's the 2nd installment of The Desk Chronicles and it features an item I'm quite proud of (even though it's not mine). An autographed picture of Alfred Hawthorne Hill!!

Better known as Benny Hill, his BBC show was syndicated on Channel 56 way back in the early 1980's. Before my folks had cable, I'd spend many evenings next door at my grandparents' house watching the 36 glorious choices available.

My Nana would be in the den watching Dallas or Dynasty or some other heinous Aaron Spelling production, and in the living room, Gramp and I would watch the Sox/Celts or Bruins.  During the commercials, the 15 lb., 1975 Zenith remote would click to Channel 56 and HILL-arity ensued. Crass musical parodies, double entendre and innuendo and best of all, The "Hill's Angels" .Benny's scantily-clad version of the Solid Gold dancers, they would either dance or run away from Benny as he chased them in fast-forward motion throughout many British locales. Ahh it was grand, and a very important first step on my journey to becoming the twisted weirdo I am today.

Back in the late 1990's, the 1st official Shark morning show was hosted by Bob "Mason" Mason and Jonathan "Jonathan" Smith. Mason left a few months before I was hired and a few years ago, I was rooting through the piles of books and CD's that he left behind at his desk and found the autographed pic that I hold in such high regard today. It reads "To Bob, Cheers! Benny Hill" I never met Benny Hill..he passed away in 1992 and I have yet to meet Mason. I live in fear that he'll return and reclaim the picture that is rightfully his.

Can you find Benny in the picture below?