Scary Ghosts? Here Are 10 Haunted Places in New Hampshire
The Speakeasy is a Youtube channel that caters to those interested in odd, terrifying and unexplainable things, such as extraterrestrials, hauntings, ghosts, the paranormal, etc. They released a top 10 video featuring haunted places in New Hampshire so I just had to check it out, you should too!
This Is The Best Method To Peel A Clementine
I love clementines, but every time I peel one, I end up squirting clementine juice all over the place. I figured there must be a better way, and there is. This is the best way to peel a clementine.
Life Hack: Dog Tick Check
So, my wife actually told me about this life hack, not sure where she got the tip from or if she made this up, but it works. This method makes checking your dog for ticks quite easy.

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