Would you like to see Dennis Rodman drive off a cliff? How about smash into a jagged rocky wall at an accelerated speed? Well you are going to love this clip.Probably not as much as I did at the time. Yes, I watched it live and laughed for about a week!

(Don't worry about the 7 minute run time, everything you want to see is in the first 90 seconds with impact at :52)

The Detroit Pistons of the '80's(and early 90's) were easily the most despicable team that I have ever rooted against and I loathed Rodman. I think I may have hated Bill Laimbeer more at the time, but my Rodman detestation has intensified through the years with every head butt and groin kick. Now, he has really driven off a cliff due to his bromance with a certain North Korean dictator. So, please enjoy the following clip... and Dennis Rodman... please stay in North Korea.