Almost every Manchester restaurant inspected by the City of Manchester Health Department passed for the month of June. 

The Manchester Health Department’s Environmental Health Division inspects all food service establishments at least once every six months and the results for June 2016 have been published. How did your favorite restaurant do?

To search for a specific restaurant on the inspection list follow these directions provided by the City of Manchester:

  1. Open the inspection report.
  2. Click on the Search Button (appears as a binocular icon) on the toolbar or Select Edit and click on Find.
  3. In the textbox, type the name of the restaurant you want to search.
  4. The results pane will display results of your search

After scanning the report it looks like Manchester does pretty well with only one restaurant falling under the threshold of a 'critical violation' (score of 69 or less).

China Wind on Massabesic St. got a horrifying 52 on their first inspection but rebounded nicely the next day with an 82.

There were a couple restaurants on the cusp of a 'critical violation.' KC's Rib Shack, and Beijing Cuisine Chinese Restaurant both got a 71 on the report.