The Miss America's Outstanding Teen crown that is! Watch the stream Saturday at 6pm. This scholarship pageant is entering year number 10 and NH is overdue for some serious bouquets and bling and Dover's own Caroline Carter is poised to make it happen.

This event has been ongoing in Orlando for the past week and my people in the trenches have sent back very exciting reports of Caroline's vocal performance and fitness competition. You didn't know I had pageant people in the trenches? Yes I do and yes I stick out like a sore thumb among them and I have the picture to prove it.

SJ Photos

Caroline is on the far left and I'm the one in the middle with a facial expression that emotes "Why am I still wearing my winter jacket?" To the left of me is Kat Howland (who has also worn many crowns) and who is onsite in Orlando updating my twitter feed with the very latest. To my right is TV host Meghan Lamontagne showing the stark difference between the way radio people look and TV people look and some other dude on the right that somehow manages to makes me look even worse.

But enough about me, Saturday night is all about Caroline Carter and I can't wait to watch all the ... well ... pageantry. People who are very intelligent and beautiful and extremely talented are rare and she is that for days(as the kids say),but when they are genuinely down to earth and friendly, those are the rarest and most important of qualities and that is Caroline Carter personified.

6pm Saturday August 2nd Don't miss it...   here's an extra link for good measure