Shark Morning Show host Jonathan Smith was born in 1963. I was born in '73,  DK was born in '82 and our current intern, Kristyn, was born in (gasp!) '92  You wouldn't believe how many different conversations grind to a dead stop because of the age gap. It has gotten so bad that DK brought in this book to help him follow along whenever Jonathan and I talk about any TV characters or programs

It says "1946 - Present" and the present they are referring to is 1988...which is perfect!

Today we were on the subject of famous murder cases. All 4 generations in the Shark office, chatting it up about some of the most horrible deeds in our nation's history. The Lizzie Borden case was mentioned. Jonathan and I both talked about how hot Elizabeth Montgomery was, as she portrayed Lizzie in the TV movie...years and years before basic cable even existed. DK quickly ran to get his book while Kristen looked up Miss Borden on her phone. Jonathan asked, "What year did that happen?", I said, "I think '92". Krysten replied, "'92? This picture looks old"