I think I may have said, "I can blog about 25 things on my desk without even trying.", when boasting about my capacity to blog about anything. Well, I didn't say it had to be interesting, so keep this in mind. Prepare yourself for the first of many Desk Chronicles.

This may just look like a framed poster of Happy Bunny, greeting any reader as only Happy Bunny can. But it has another purpose...it hides a deep dark secret..my recyclables! I don't know if it's because I was brainwashed by a cult of hippies in a previous life, or that my childhood home is too close to a monstrous landfill, but it pains me to see a bottle or can thrown away and not recycled.

After a couple weeks, I'll steal a garbage bag from the custodian's closet, (thanks Four Seasons Janitorial Service!) and load it up, bring it home and put it out on the curb on the appropriate day. Maintenance is pretty easy...there is some leakage from the empty soda cans but it takes no more than a minute to clean.

Hopefully, this blog will not result in me being assigned as "STATION SANITATION DIRECTOR" responsible for recycling everything from everyone here at the office. I can see myself dragging a cart throughout these halls thrice daily, while all employees hurl garbage at me. But if just one person reads this and recycles more....maybe that'll give my parents one more day in the sun before an avalanche of trash envelopes their home.