Is it dusty in here? Holy smokes I feel like I've been cutting onions after watching ESPN's recent 'My Wish' segment featuring Dustin Pedroia.

In all seriousness though, one of my favorite things to do is watch athletes being humble by making a sick kid's dream come true. Doesn't matter if it has a professional athlete from the MLB, NBA, NFL, or the WNBA; if it involves an athlete and a charity I'm watching it!

The videos featuring our home teams are especially good because we get to see how the athletes that play for our favorite teams act. This one has great cameos by David Ortiz, and Jonny Gomes.

Only thing that made me uncomfortable was watching the kid rip on Pedroia for not hitting a ball over the monster during the past couple games. Kid, ease up, you're getting the treatment of a lifetime here!