At one point in my life, I had pretty decent cursive handwriting. Not anymore.

It's been 28 years since I graduated from UNH, and my Senior year was probably the last time I wrote in cursive with any regularity. Still I felt bad when I read that more and more schools are not teaching cursive handwriting anymore, choosing to focus on skills for the digital age. How are the future generations going to read The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, or many of the historical letters that chronicle our past? It's been proven that writing something by pen or pencil, on a paper, in cursive, promotes brain activity and is a great learning exercise. Activity that can go to seed if not practiced, as the video proves. Ah heck, what does it matter that, I now have sloppy cursive writing, I can't read it anyway what with my now failing eyesight.

What do you think? Should cursive handwriting be required to be taught in school?