School should not start before 8am. End of story.

Portsmouth and Oyster River are considering moving back the start of school times to be more in synch with the natural sleep patterns of teenagers.

To me, that would mean starting school at noon and going until 6pm.

Here's a better solution. Middle School and High School should begin at 8am and end at 2:15. Problem solved. That's how it was when I attended middle and high school, and I don't recall hearing any complaints.

I was quite surprised to learn that schools were starting class well before 8, some as early as 7:25am. If you have to ride a bus for any distance, that means you're up when the Shark Morning Show starts, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Change it back to 8am and all will be well.

And while you're at it, I can solve the teacher workshop days that throw parents into a tizzy as they have to scramble to find child care.

Have an early release every Weds at 1:08. Teachers use that hour each week for their workshop instead of an entire day.

Students have something to look forward to each week, the school year is shorter because they aren't missing the workshop days, and the parents are happy because they don't have to miss work on workshop days.

Sound good? Any questions?

Problem solved.