I really haven't posted anything about Market Basket and 'The Summer of Artie T.' or whatever this saga will be ultimately be called, but I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that they are back. The associates and management were also very happy as  I went in last Thursday, just hours after the deal was signed and saw the following signs.

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Also, during this shopping trip/victory lap all the customers were so ecstatic that it defies description. People hugging butchers and cashiers and everyone was smiling from ear to ear. The dancing and party-like atmosphere captured on that evening's news was not contrived for TV I can assure you.

The shelves last Thursday were still half empty and the number one question I heard being asked was "When is everything going to be stocked?" and the answer was "No later than Labor Day" So, yesterday I went again and was thrilled to see my favorite sign.

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Ahh yes, behold the magical power of cold cuts! The Weekly Specials are what it's all about for me, look for two seconds, see what lovely fresh meats and cheeses you want, grab 'em and go.

Each supermarket in this area has great features of their own, whether it be the Salt and Vinegar flavored chicken wings at Hannaford or the salad bar at Shaw's. But the return of The Weekly Specials at the Somersworth MB, after a six week absence(!) nearly had me in tears.