Bob Morgan from Meredith, NH had quite a close call with a bear on his porch the other morning as it was rummaging through some food scraps in trash bags. Bears have been all over the news lately and they have graduated from the garbage bin to the freezer.

At a camp in British Columbia, not only does this furry creature (above) open the freezer, he appears to be rather picky and decides to go with fudgesicles, an excellent choice.

In Alaska, this enormous fellow (above) has the perfect location to catch a home run. This is probably also food related as he's no doubt waiting for the game to end to mooch half eaten hotdogs and popcorn. At my local softball park, if you bring a foul ball to the snack shack you'd get a free fudgesicle so maybe it's not a coincidence.

This guy here from Tampa FL. is the champion of them all. Hey what a life, sleep for 4 months then spend the next 8 months chowing down, watching baseball games, eating fudgsicles and napping out on hammocks. Not a bad gig at all.