This new space allows for an improved Moe's experience.

Moe's Logo

I have probably spent more money in Moe's than any other sub shop on the seacoast.

I had my first Moe's in the early 80's at the store in Dover and soon enough made it a weekly ritual.

Moe's has gone from a 'small location, and we close when we run out of bread' business to a number of locations. The quality is still top notch, and now the Rochester location is expanding and looking forward to serving breakfast.

So I'm happy to hear that since October 3, the Moe's in Rochester has occupied their new digs.

The new space at 43 North Main Street is a lot bigger, and has restrooms, a luxury not afforded easily to customers of the old location.

I could and have eaten Moe's food at all hours of the day, so I'm not sure they have do too much to their menu to entice me in for breakfast. But I must say I'm intrigued by having a classic Moe's with a fried egg.