There are at least 792,000 different film variations of Charles Dickens' 1843 Novella 'A Christmas Carol', so selecting a favorite can be a bit overwhelming. My personal favorite is the 1970 adaptation starring Albert Finney entitled 'Scrooge'. It was not uncommon to see this version all over cable 20 years ago, but for whatever reason, you can't find it on any channel, anywhere, anymore at anytime.

There are so many reasons why it's my favorite. First of all, every actor is actually British so there aren't any horrible accent inconsistencies. Finney's 'Scrooge' is terrific and Jacob Marley is portrayed by Sir Alec Guinness...yep...Obi Wan Kenobi!

"These are not the spirits you are looking for"- Not a Quote From Either Movie

Back in grade school,(Gonic School, Gonic, NH, '85 Alum) we'd all cram into the tiny cafeteria on the 23rd of December and watch this version. This could be a case of Pavlov's conditioning theory working on me...if I was watching this movie, it meant I was getting out of math problems AND I had the next 9 days off to eat candy and be spoiled rotten.

This movie is a musical, and I can't stand musicals, but there are only 2 songs that are worthy of the fast-forward button, which is much better than 99% of musicals in my opinion. Also, the edited for TV version does not have the 'Hell' scene at the end. This scene features Obi Wan which is good, but also a squad of shirtless greased up burly blacksmith's assistants wearing bondage masks so consider yourself forewarned.

What's your favorite 'Christmas Carol'? Select carefully, as you only have 791,999 other choices.