Are you going to tell me the officiating in the NFL is better than the NBA? I'm not too sure anymore.

The Patriots lost to the Carolina Panthers last night in heartbreaking fashion. No, there wasn't a defensive stop, a costly turnover, or a blown assignment from the offensive line that ended the game last night. It was a good old fashioned screw job from the zebras.

I know blaming the officials sounds pathetic and didn't cost the Patriots the game, but at the same time, the officials totally cost the Patriots the game. The non-pass interference call in the end-zone was the worst call in the history of sport. Anyone who argues that the "pass was uncatchable" doesn't realize that the pass was uncatchable because Gronkowski was being held. Thankfully I wasn't at the Thirsty Moose last night hosting The Shark's Bud Light Patriots Party, otherwise, I would have gone Carrie at the Prom on everyone in there.

Next week the Patriots take on the Denver Mannings. Let's hope David Stern keeps his hands out of this one.

*Worst part about the Patriots losing is I couldn't celebrate by handing out "high-bows" like Brady did last night.