For the 6th week in a row (I'm counting the bye week to fluff the stats) the Patriots had another barn burner of a game, this time against the Dolphins. Unfortunately, the Pats found themselves on the losing end this time. I believe it was the great Vince Lombardi who said, "You can't win every single game you play on literally the last play of the game every week." Here are my reasons why the Patriots lost:

1. Dolphins receiver, Mike Wallace, scores a TD at the end of the 1st half.

Getty Images/Mike Ehrmann

Sweet defense. Marquis Cole, just in for an injured Kyle Arrington, lubes up his hands and whiffs on Wallace, while Safety, Steve Gregory, uses a horrible angle and allows Wallace a free path to the end zone.

2. Stephen Gostkowski goes from GOAT against the Browns, to literally a goat that should be given the green needle.

Getty Images/Mike Ehrmann

A missed 48 yard field goal in the 3rd quarter was a huge missed opportunity for the Patriots. It didn't help that Josh Boyce dropped a pass the play before that would have made the FG attempt shorter, but Gostkowski still has to make that. In the 4th quarter, he kicked the ball out of bounds on a kickoff! That's as bad as it gets for a kicker.

3. Patriots defense gives up a 4th and 5 to extend Miami's 4th quarter drive.

This was a big chance for the defense to win the game for the Patriots. If you look at the score, you might think the defense played well only giving up 24 points. However, it's squandered plays like this throughout the entire game that you remember. This defense wouldn't be able stop my intramural flag football team.

4. Dont'a Hightower is awful. Plain and simple.

Getty Images/Mike Ehrmann

All aboard the Hightower Hate Train! He's had a rough season, and everyone from Patriots beat writers, to lowly radio station bloggers, have been ripping him for his lackluster play. This play was a prime example.

5. Mr. 4th Quarter, does his Mr. 4th Quarter thing, and then Amendola drops a TD pass.

Getty Images/Mike Ehrmann

They almost did it again! have to catch that ball! What is it with little slot receivers making amazing catches over the middle while getting trucked by much bigger players, and yet they can't hold on to the ball in situations like this? I've seen it a million times. To me, an overweight louod-mouth fan, it seems like an easier play.

Patriots play the Baltimore Ravens next. Always a fun game. Let's see if they can right the ship, and get a good seed for the playoffs.