It astounds me how kids can easily operate the many complex gadgets of this ever evolving world of tech advancements. The younger you are, the easier it seems.

My twin nephews are 5 and their little brother is 2. On Wednesdays, I visit them as they dominate all the levels of 'Angry Birds' on my phone. I chose this phone because I liked how seemingly difficult it was to butt dial and pocket pic. You have to open quite a few screens to call someone and turning the camera on is just as difficult. Or so I thought.

This is the best photo of the dozen or so that were snapped while they were howling laughter. Prepare to watch the drama unfold with every frame.

Connor is in the center of the picture and here is his reaction to me(in the right background of the frame) lumbering down the hall to see what the fuss is all about.

Connor begins to run from trouble as Colin, Age 2 (center right) looks on indifferently. (Every single time he gets his hands on my phone, Colin will unlock it and call the many restaurants in my contacts... so don't buy his Mr. Innocent routine in this picture)

And finally, my blurry bewilderment is captured perfectly as I'm trying to figure out how they continue to do things in mere seconds that took me days to accomplish.

By the way, my brother and I were in charge of babysitting last night and that's why the living room floor is strewn with toys.