It was a beautiful, calm summer night rolling the waves of the Atlantic Ocean out on the M/V Thomas Laighton to the Isles of Shoals this Monday.

On board, however, things were a little less “calm” and a little more “rockin” for The Shark’s latest edition of Rockin’ On The River with the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company.


It began with a breezy 80-degree night, was greeted by the always-entertaining tunes of the On Tap Band, and concluded with an enormous full moon.

In between enjoying the perfect summer night and lively music, however, there were shenanigans to be had.

My assignment? Capture the essence of the Rockin’ On The River cruise with nothing less than the fundamental photo bomb – the selfie.

I selfie-fied it all – from the quintessential mullet to beards, t-shirts, full moons, and even a toilet. Okay, maybe that one was a stretch.


Best dreadlocks on board (or in DK terms, "Dirty Hair")
Best Draco Malfoy impersonator on board (Harry Potter reference)
Best beard on board (need I say more?)
Best mullet on board (wouldn't be a rock cruise without one!)
Best partiers on board (and my new best friends)
Best toilet on board (just look at that pearly white porcelain)
Best t-shirt on board (Sex, Drugs, and Lobster Rolls)
Best full moon sighting (and a werewolf on the left)
Best dancer on board (so good my face wasn't even worthy of taking up a portion of the photo)