Shipyard Brew Pub's executive chef will compete for $25,000 on an upcoming episode of the Food Network's unique cooking competition. 

He's seen it all working for years as a chef, and most recently churning out delicious food in the fast-paced kitchen at Shipyard Brew Pub in Eliot. But now, David Squillante of Dover, NH will face one of his hardest challenges yet: Food Network's "Cutthroat Kitchen."

"Cutthroat Kitchen" isn't your typical cooking competition. Sure, chefs must be good at their usual craft, but also have to be smart, strategic, and downright evil at times. The show begins with four chefs each with $25,000. They can choose to save the money, or spend it to get things that could give them a distinct advantage, like sabotaging their competitors.

Squillante will appear in a "Cutthroat Kitchen Superhero Sabotage: The Age of Alton" episode on Wednesday, August 10th at 9:00 p.m.

According to Food Network's episode description:

In a special superhero episode, three chefs have to dress up as Cutthroat Kitchen superheroes as they make hero sandwiches. Then, one chef flies through the kitchen as he makes a gyro. Finally, one chef makes their superfood dessert on their own flaming hand.

So how did David Squillante make it on the show? According to SeacoastOnline, it was Squillante's grandmother that urged him to sign up online. After a successful Skype interview with the show's producers, he found himself on a plane to Los Angeles.

Good luck to David, make the seacoast proud!