What's going on?

A-Train's Olympic Broadcaster Twitter Interaction
One of my favorite Olympic broadcasters has been brutally abused on Twitter and I was surprised to see that my tweet of support was 'liked' by none other than the broadcaster in question!
How To Win At Keno 603 (I Did!)
I finally played a couple hours worth of Keno at NH's hottest 'Keno 603' location '2 Doors Down' in Somersworth. AND I WON!
How I Lost $1350 on The Big Game (Legally)
There are articles everywhere on how Las Vegas Sportsbooks took a beating on the result of Sunday's 'Big Game'. I'll tell you why you shouldn't feel too bad for them.
Jonathan Interviews Comedian Jim David
Jim David is one of the very best comedians I've ever seen and he is on the bill this Friday at Mike McDonald's Comedy Extravaganza at The Music Hall of Portsmouth. Find out when to listen to win TIX right here!