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1st Name on The Rockin' On The River Guest List?
On Tuesday, June 26th The Shark will take to the ocean aboard The MV Thomas Laighton for our 1st ROTR Cruise of 2018, with The Groove Cats! Do you want to be the first name on the guest list? Here's how.
Can A-Train Pass This Extreme Push Up Test?
Thanks to LTC Ronald Anzalone for being a judge at today's 'Parmageddon' event. We talked about the New England Battalion's APFT push up test and I'm now consumed by the idea of passing it!
Rochester NH City Wide Track Meet Recap
This isn't as much of a recap of the track meet as it is me bragging about my nephew Caleb and his supersonic speed. Two first place sprints on Monday night!
NH Drought Map Looks Like A Lemon Wedge
I have a bit of an obsession with the NH Drought Map and the different shapes that it takes throughout our driest months. Watch me transform the 'Abnormally Dry' into a wonderful wedge of lemon!