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Hilarious Tour of NH's Best Theme Park
Santa's Village in Jefferson NH has been voted as one of America's best theme parks by dozens of magazine and online surveys. NEVER BEEN? This video tour is both great AND hilarious.
The 'Uncle Gus Show' a NH Game Show for 70's Kids
I can't believe I actually found footage of 'Uncle Gus' hosting 'The Uncle Gus Show' on WMUR-TV back in the 1970's. I was on that show and I won quite a prize for solving a word scramble!
Listen to Gary Hoey Rock These Classic Christmas Tunes
He's playing live at The Tupelo Music Hall on Saturday night and if you don't have a ticket, you ain't gettin in! (SOLD OUT) However, he shreds ever so brilliantly on a couple classics on today's interview. Listen here!
U Pick Em Crew Has Another Double Win Week
Not to mention a yearlong record of 18-6. EIGHTEEN and SIX. I'm telling you, just try to do better than that. As you can ascertain from this week's 'U Pick Em' segment, I certainly wouldn't be able to accomplish that feat.