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Big Papi's Freak Out Was Real, Here's How You Can Tell
Thanks to Sarah for playing the audio of this epic Big Papi celebration from last night's amazing Sox victory, all morning long. You can pinpoint the exact moment that proves the authenticity of his emotions.
Creepy Dover NH Mystery Birds Identified
Shark News Director Don Briand took this excellent picture of these huge, creepy birds as they perched ominously in Dover yesterday. And I know exactly what they are!
NFL Twitter Gifs Gronk's Stiff Arm
It's the ultimate digital compliment and how can you blame them. Gronk's stiff arm from last night's game looks like something from a MARVEL action flick.
Fork-N-Subs Closing in Rochester ?
Say it ain't so! I'm still holding out hope that the place that makes THE BEST cheeseburger sub in my hometown of Rochester isn't closing.
New 'Pet Semetary' Trailer Will Make You Wicked Ascared
I used Northern New England slang in the headline because the horror movie's setting is still, thankfully, deep in the Maine woods. The classic Stephen King novel based reboot looks even more terrifying than the 1989 version.