What's going on?

'Keno 603' Coming to Newmarket!
I was stunned by this news article from Seacoast Online. Then I ran around the halls in celebration! Keno 603 is coming to Newmarket!
NH Woodpecker Mystery Tweet Video Has Me 'Stumped'
Being known as the 'building bird nerd' can be both a blessing and a curse in this new age of cameras being everywhere at all times. Today I realized that I can't identify a woodpecker by the sound of it 'drumming'. Can you?
UPDATE: Coin Op Mini Football Helmet Successes and Mysteries
After an unsuccessful shopping spree that spanned an entire weekend and several Seacoast Hannaford bubble gum machines, there has been a new Mini helmet acquired through a trade and perhaps more interestingly, a mysterious pair of helmets that appeared in my mailbox.
Play Keno 603 Tonight at 2 Doors Down in Somersworth!
Bill Fox from The Big Breakfast will be officially hosting this 2 hour event starting at 2 Doors Down starting at 5pm. HOWEVER as Townsquare Media's unofficial Casino Consultant I will be there to unofficially help with any Keno related questions. It's going to be so much fun!
The Lost 45's Spoiler With Cher!
Cher will be co-hosting Sunday Night's episode of The Lost 45's. This is really happening. Yes, Barry Scott is THE LUCKIEST MAN ALIVE.