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The Shark's 'U Pick Em' Picks for Week 2!
I cannot wait for the second week of Pro Football to begin and that is the understatement of the year! Which team has 'Team A-Train' selected to bounce back? Which team has 'Team Sarah' selected to continue their winning streak? Find out right here!
Where The H#$@ Is Table Rock, NH?
There are over TEN 'Table Rock' locations in the USA, listed on Wikipedia, yet New Hampshire's isn't even mentioned? This is a SHAME!
The 'Summer of Artie T' Ended HOW MANY Years Ago?
My memory works/dysfunctions in strange ways, I can remember finally returning to Market Basket (Somersworth) on August 28th but for the life of me I couldn't remember what year it was.
Latest on Dickey Betts Postponing Hampton Beach Show
This weekend, music fans across the world were very concerned with reports that Allman Bros. legend Dickey Betts had to shut down his tour due to health concerns. Here's what we know at this moment.