What's going on?

The Shark Pats Psychic Grease Board? A Sham!
Since it hasn't been incorrect in a few years, the term 'Sham' may be a bit harsh. I'm here not only to fix the error but also class it up a bit with my own illustration and renovation
The Return of A-Train's Wild Card Football Picks
I think Wild Card weekend is VASTLY underrated. TWELVE hours worth of Sudden Death action while our beloved New England Patriots scout their next possible opponent from the comfort of their own living rooms?
Comedian Mike McDonald with an Important Announcement
Thanks to Mike McDonald for visiting The Merchants Auto Shark Tank today and providing us with some laughs. Here, Mike and Jonathan discuss important points concerning The 17th Comedy Extravaganza at The Music Hall.
The Shark Pats Psychic Grease Board is Back!
Sure enough, just hours after the conclusion of the NFL's 2017 regular season, the mysterious oracle inside The Merchants Auto Shark Tank has once again proclaimed who The New England Patriots will face in the divisional round!