It's 4am.. you have an entire day of work ahead of you, people are depending on you, yet even the thought of getting out of bed to do anything is out of the question. Now the fun begins, everything that you need to get done has to be done by the people that don't normally do such things. Keep the cellphone handy and let the deathbed delegation begin! Between strange fever dreams you give out instructions and user names and locations where keys are kept to open doors for things these folks haven't used or seen in years. It really makes me yearn for the good old sick days.

Back in school, there were two kinds, legit sick days and not-so legit, I refer to the latter as Buellers. A few Broderick-esque theatrics and it was a glorious day of ginger ale and The Price is Right. For either category, once Ma made the call you were in the clear. If I ever had to call other classmates and ask them to take notes for me in geometry and run laps for me in gym...I'd have never missed 19.5 out of the 20 days allowed every year I can tell you that for sure.