In this era of over the top sports entertainment journalism, my reaction to any heart crushing post-season loss is always the same. I run and hide. If I watched any sports coverage right now, the screen would be filled with professional trolls hating and unprofessional haters trolling my favorite team, Coach, QB and me for being their fan. Believe me, not hearing it and not seeing it is WAY better than suffering through it.

Getty Images/Hulton Archive

I'll spend the next 13 days reading a couple books and assisting a certain flock of digital birds with their interplanetary quest to retrieve their eggs from green pigs. On the day of The Big Game, I will emerge from my hole in the ground and hope "America's Greatest Living Quarterback" goes 1-2 in his pursuit of the Lombardi trophy. If it's yet another coronation...six more weeks of winter and I'll be secluded until I fill out a bracket in March.