The Lobster Poutine Stak Is Sure To Knock Your Sox Off At Fenway
Ball park food is getting ridiculous! It's not even about the food anymore, it's about coming up with the wackiest edible creation you've ever seen so that the franchise can get some publicity on social media. It's a stunt. However, some of these creations end up being quite delicious and not so rid…
Summer Food Safety Tips You Need to Know [VIDEO]
We have a huge grilling weekend coming up and the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Food Protection Section has released a video detailing summer food safety tips. Before you light the grill, check out this video.
My Wife’s Birthday Dinner
My wife's birthday was yesterday so we went out to dinner to celebrate.  This is the first time we have been out since our anniversary in October, so we were pretty excited.  Try something new?  No way, stick to what we know and love.
The Shark’s Restaurants of Christmas
What does everyone you know like to do?  Eat out!  Give the gift of food this year and send a friend or loved one out to one of the fantastic restaurants in the area.  Once again, The Shark is celebrating the "Restaurants of Christmas."
M&M’s – My Go To Candy
M&M's are my go to candy.  Going to the movies-M&M's.  Watching football-M&M's.  Road trip or long car ride-M&M's.  Camping-M&M's.  You get the idea.

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