Earthquakes Rock Granite State
This morning around 9:30, the ground shook in southern New Hampshire, as a 2.7 magnitude earthquake was registered near Exeter.
While there was a rumble, there haven't been reports of any damage.
There was also a small 1.0 earthquake around Lake Winnipesaukee...
Avalanche Advisory For Mt. Washington Area
Fresh off a new batch of snow, areas near Mount Washington are under an advisory for potential avalanches, and for those in the area to be aware of the danger.
According to the Mount Washington Avalanche Center, yesterday's snow, which dumped more than a foot in some communities, had not bl…
Snow Total Predictions Continue To Rise For New Hampshire
Another storm is moving towards the Granite State. Along the seacoast, snowfall totals were originally expected to be between 3 and 6 inches, according to a forecast by WMUR News 9.
Notice the time stamp from this morning. Since then, totals have risen, depending on the source. New...
Tsunami Alert Stuns New Hampshire Seacoast
We were going about the morning like any regular Tuesday, until phones all along the seacoast sent people into a temporary panic. A Tsunami alert for coastal New Hampshire.
A test was sent at 8:30. Gue
Astronomical High Tide Floods Northern New England Coast
Today has been a wild day in Northern New England. While some places will receive a few inches of snow, the full moon has given coastlines another astronomical high tide. The coast took it in stride.
Plow-able water in Boston
One driver went "all-in" in Duxbury, MA
Flooding in S…
New Hampshire Power Outages Could Last The Longest
The Bomb Cyclone means business as it screams up the eastern seaboard. Many in New England could lose power, and New Hampshire is expected to be one of the hardest hit areas.
Kaitlyn Woods from Eversource spoke with WMUR this AM. She stated the major concern for expected power losses was prolonged wi…
What In The World Is A Bomb Cyclone?
It isn't just a storm, the next snow-bringer is a Bomb Cyclone. Bringing the coldest temperatures in 100 years. So, what IS a Bomb Cyclone?
A "bomb cyclone" forming off the East Coast could bring the coldest temperatures in 100 years https://t...
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