You can keep your engraved teaspoons, little bells or decorative salt and pepper shakers... I want stacks of cash. If my latest casino vacation junket has not secured more greenery to my scenery, there is a nice secondary alternative. The Sports Bet!

After seeing the odds for the last few days I decided that a bet on the Masters would be the best way to go. For the next few weeks, I'll look forward to Augusta even more than Jim Nantz does(if that's at all possible).

What does that ticket mean? It means that when Matt Kuchar wins The Masters in April, I'll win $550 from a $25 bet. Why Matt Kuchar? He's a winner, he plays well there and this is his year to shine! The oddsmakers don't believe in him, but I do and that's all that matters.

Getty Images/Sam Greenwood

"Thanks Train!"