Move over "2 Broke Girls"! Not so fast "Dads"! The funniest show on television is the brand new sketch comedy show, The Birthday Boys on IFC and it airs Friday nights at 10:30pm. Before The Birthday Boys came to life, my Friday nights were reserved for going out to dinner and getting drunk. Now I set my DVR to record my new favorite show before heading out for a night of debauchery! Here are a few of my favorite skits:

Not only do I enjoy watching the show for the laughs, but I do it in support of a very good friend of mine (name drop coming!). His name is Mike Mitchell, but you can call him Shtein! He's one of The Birthday Boys and an old college roommate of mine. I would love to see this show succeed because it makes me laugh, my friend is in it, and I think if he got famous there's a little bit of a trickle down effect in play here.

So let's get this show to Seinfeld status! Watch the season finale on Friday night at 10:30pm.

*If we're lucky, maybe Santa is a fan of funny TV shows and will fill our stockings with a Season 2!