It's a lot more 'Rock' than it is 'Runway' tonight on The Lost 45's with Barry Scott, with 'Fashion' as the theme. If you count this 70's band about to be spoiled, I've mentioned SIX Scotts(Scots) in this one paragraph!

Ladies and Gentlemen! I present The Bay City Rollers from Edinburgh, Scotland!

This tune 'Money Honey' was a Top 9 hit in the US in 1976 and made it to Number 1 in Canada that same year. The outfits that they are sporting on this lip-synced TV performance certainly qualifies them for 'Fashion Special' status.

Three hours of fashionable tunes like these will be highlighted on tonight's episode of The Lost 45's from 7-10pm ONLY on 102-1 and 105-3 The Shark.

Bell bottoms will be permitted.