My blogging crime spree continues as I have gone from stealing Jonathan's album to what is sure to be some sort of contractual breach with our new syndicated program The Lost 45's With Barry Scott. This 3 hour show begins a new era on The Shark starting Saturday night at 7pm!

I already looked at the set list (B Sides and Double A sides) and will post a few of my favorite tunes from it right here! Don't think of it as a spoiler alert...just an opportunity for me to incessantly ramble about these songs even though I'm on for 7 straight hours before the show airs!

From the 1978 Queen album 'Jazz' it has both 4/4 and 6/8 time signatures and a reference to 'Fat Bottomed Girls' ... Mr. Scott plays this followed by 'FBG' because it was released as a Double A side. Despite learning all this, my album oriented brain still will hear it as track 4 followed by track 2.

From Elton John's 1975 album 'Rock of the Westies' which debuted at number one and is a great album through and through. One of these days I have to travel to Tijuana or Cancun and have this song playing on a loop the entire time.

I always loved this Ringo Starr tune and had no clue it was an Elton John/Bernie Taupin composition until I illegally read the cue sheet to Saturday night's episode of The Lost 45's with Barry Scott! Please check it out, you'll be amazed by a variety of songs, interviews and facts and unlike me, you won't be breaking any laws!