Hi, I'm Taylor a part-timer on the Shark, and after reading Aaron’s post about Twitter and the wars that it causes, I must confess that my mother has produced more Twitter wars with celebrities than anyone I know.

Most of you probably remember the show “Jon and Kate Plus Eight”, well my mother often finds herself in the middle of an argument with Kate Gosselin via Twitter. The wars are based off the “celebrity” using their Twitter negatively and of course my mom calling them out. The fights that I often hear about are the ones that she has with Lea Remini, due to her sometimes hateful tweets. The results of these wars often end with my mom being blocked and the die hard fans of these celebrities then coming after my mom with crazy tweets. Everyday, there is always a new Twitter story with her.

My moms Twitter isn’t always used for fights, she is always involved in Twitter conversations with celebrities or producers about upcoming shows. She even has a real housewife from the series on Bravo, following her.

My claim to fame is only ever having Steve Urkel tweet me, and occasionally a direct message from a contestant on The Bachelor. Looks like I better step up my game.


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