Our Operations Manager has a few commandments that we as broadcasters are supposed to follow. Two of the most prominent are, "Call me or see me the second there are mechanical or technical problems." and "DO NOT try to fix it yourself until I am made aware.".  Well, today I broke them both and my show suffered the consequences.

The picture above shows the nut that fell from one of the many bolts that are housed on Microphone #1 in The Shark Tank. I made the mistake of thinking I could screw it back on it's bolt when I should have just said "screw it".

The process involved me fitting my slender and coordinated frame in the space between the audio touch screen and the microphone stand. You can see in the picture above there isn't a vast amount of acreage in which to do this.

After three or four failed attempts, my elbow hit one of the above sound fx buttons and the resulting sound effect was played right in the middle of Donnie Iris' 'Ah Leah'... I'll let you guess which one when you hear the actual audio as it played at 12:55PM right here on 102-1 and 105-3 The Shark!!