Nothing fractures my ear like someone misusing a word. I could elaborate, but the many different ways this occurs in our world today, I'd literally never stop writing. The previous sentence is an example of the common misuse of literally...we all know I would not write for the next forty years about word misuse.

What bothers me more than someone else speaking incorrect words in incorrect when I think I'm guilty of it. A current buzzword is "trolling" and I'll be damned if I know exactly what it is.

I thought early on that if someone wrote a controversial article or blog and someone else stated that that writer was "trolling", they meant the conventional fishing metaphor.

Getty Images/Mark Lewis

The two men above are trolling for fish, as a writer of controversial material is "trolling" for attention and/or unique hits.

I'm beginning to suspect that I am wrong. I think "trolling" derives from a popular new wave of mangling the english language and the term is one I've loathed since the 7th grade....THE GERUND...ugh it makes me sick just to write it.

Here's a quick example, "Writing is fun!", aside from being untrue, this example turns the verb of "writing" into a noun and therefore into a gerund...make sense? ..No?? ..Exactly!

The social media savvy types have made this a common practice. Here are a few sports examples..The act of solemn prayer after a touchdown became "Tebow-ing" Slumping on the floor, while completely out of it, became "Dufner-ing" after an unfortunate picture of the current PGA Champ went viral. "Clemson-ing" means a superior team losing to a completely inferior one after the D-1 football program suffered one too many crushing losses against Western South Dakota Tech.

The commentary boxes could be one of the scariest places on the internet. Filled with anonymous people submitting the most vile attacks on the subject matter, the writer of the article, political figures and in most cases...each other. It's like a transcript of the most insane road rage or roid rage or any kind of rage you can imagine. I'm beginning to think the people,or sub-humans, that partake in this are referred to as "Trolls".

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"Hmmm- Scrotar Need 4 Letter Word For Eff Word"

I think that is a very fitting term and I approve. However, turning this term into a gerund and overusing it and misusing literally makes me want to literally find a commentary box and literally unleash hell....LITERALLY.