Casino Club cards (or Slot Club Cards) are a wonderful thing. Virtually every casino or casino chain has them and I'm still mad at myself for not signing up sooner. I had this paranoid delusion that if I joined the club and put the card in the machine, it would go ice cold once I won any amount. THIS IS NOT THE CASE!

Outside of winning a life altering jackpot, the hosts and hostesses at these casinos have no way of knowing how much you play and therefore no way of rewarding you for your play. Even if you gamble $20 for the whole week, you could end up getting a comped(free!) ice cream cone or large soda and great room deals on future trips.

I'd like to thank DK for blurring out the ID #'s on some of these, because I've been point hoarding for more than ten years. I won't tell you which card has the highest number of accrued points but I'm pretty sure that I could buy Area 51 and a round of ice cream cones for all the aliens in the hangar.