I used to ride through Newmarket when I was a kid back in the 70's, and I used to make fun of it. I've mentioned that I'm a Durham kid, so we had a natural rivalry with Newmarket, which added to my opinion about the town. It had certainly seen better times. Well, better times are here again! The downtown has been revitalized with all the improvements, and the mills are once again filled with life, so this is not your father's Newmarket. Towards that end, one of the better festivals in all of New England is taking place on Saturday in..you guessed it..Newmarket. It's the Newmarket Heritage Festival, billed as "a celebration of the arts, culture, history and community spirit", and it's all that and more. It's a wonderful event with enough activities, delicious food and goings on that it could easily run for a week, but it's just one day, Saturday May 31st!