And here we go with the over the top Christmas light displays.  This one is set to the song, 'Let It Go,' from the movie Frozen.

The lights are spectacular, but I could do without the song.  I'm sure the neighbors could too.  Thankfully, I have never lived near someone that put this much time and effort into their Christmas decorations, but I am curious as to how often you run the show.  I mean you can't just keep that song and all of those lights going constantly.  Your electric bill would be enormous and your neighbors would hate you.  So, maybe once a day, or when you have company, perhaps a couple of hours a night?  I don't know, I watched the video once and that was enough for me.

This display is from last year, this one I watched a few times.  Amazing.  Great song choice and the decorations are so different from anything you normally see.  Enjoy!