I've been yelling from the rooftops about this loyalty program for awhile now and today? I reaped the rewards! It wasn't difficult at all!

1. Enter your phone number on the loyalty screen at the counter

Just ten digits and you're almost done!

2. Answer your text

Train Images

You are looking at the actual text that was sent INSTANTLY to my phone. I was so excited that I exclaimed "OOOOh Chips! I want chips! Can I have chips!?"

Train Images

3. Tell your friendly Moe's Italian Sandwich server that you'd like to cash it in

Today it was Mike at the Dover NH location and his response was "Absolutely brotha" and these glorious Ruffles were mine.

And that's that.

They have a graphic on their cashier's screen that displays a reward logo whenever you earn it. There's no swiping of bulky and pointy plastic things on your key chain at all. It's just through your phone number.

My number one goal is still to acquire a coveted Moe's T-Shirt but, when I saw free chips today I just had to make my loyalty pay!