Story Land amusement park, located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, has been bringing families together for seven decades.

Generations of people from all over New England and the world have fond memories have their visits to the iconic amusement park.

Like all great amusement parks, Story Land is constantly evolving.  Every few years, the owners updated a much loved attraction or added something new.  For example, in the early 2000s, they added the Crazy Barn.  For a while, it was the only ride like it in America.  Later, they added the Roar-O-Saurus wooden coaster and the Splash Battle ride.

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

Back in August, we learned that they were adding a new water attraction.

According to the Story Land website, the Oceans of Fun Spray-Ground would be replaced by the Moo-Lagoon attraction.

Even though the Oceans of Fun attraction was fairly basic, it was still a lot of fun for the younger kids.  It was a must visit part of the park on a hot day.  It had sprinklers that would randomly shoot water at people, and there was a cool submarine for the kids to play in.

It sounds like this new water attraction is going to be a lot more elaborate.  Basically, it will be a mini-water park located within Story Land.

The farm-themed Moo-Lagoon will feature three waterslides including the Cob Cruiser, Silk Slider, and Husk Runner

The website goes on to say:

The triple slide tower will be complimented by an interactive water playground as its centerpiece along with silly sprayers, squirting flowers, farm-themed fountains and even a tractor that soaks!

In addition to the waterslides, the attraction will also feature a pizza shop, new shop (selling everything you need for a day at the waterpark, like bathing suits, goggles, sunscreen, etc), and new bathrooms/changing rooms.

Take a look at some of the concept art for the new area HERE.

Unless something changes, we should have our first chance to experience Moo-Lagoon over Memorial Day Weekend in 2024.

Never been to Story Land?  Check out this video of one couple's visit:

What is your favorite New England amusement park?

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