In the last year, Maine has definitely seen its fair share of strange weather.

Even though we had a fairly normal fall, we ended up having a very strange winter.

Due in large part to El Nino, Maine really did not have a winter.  We had a lot of wild weather, but not a lot of snow.  Starting with the ‘Grinch’ storm in December and continuing through early March, we had several wind and rain storms.  In some cases, those storms did significant damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure.

It looks like those storms are behind us.

We are now seeing mild, spring-like weather across New England.

The arrival of spring has us thinking about what we can expect this summer.

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The 2024 summer forecast for Maine, New Hampshire, & Massachusetts

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, we should be prepared for a humid and wet summer.

The Maine-based publication is calling for much of the country (including New England) to see above-average humidity and hot temperatures.

In addition to the humidity, the Farmer’s Almanac forecast seems to indicate that we are likely to see lots or rain and more than a few thunderstorms this summer.

Ameen Fahmy via Unsplash
Ameen Fahmy via Unsplash

Specific daily forecasts

Each year, the Farmer’s Almanac makes weather predictions for specific days.  These forecasts are not what you are going to see from News Center Maine or WBZ.  Instead, they are general forecasts.

On Father’s Day, the Farmer’s Almanac is calling cloudy skies.  For Independence Day, it looks like New England will see fair skies and pleasant weather.


The rest of the country

Much of the country will see the same weather that is being predicted for New England.  However, in the Pacific Northwest, the Farmer’s Almanac in calling for average summer temperatures and much dryer conditions.

2024 Maine Agricultural Fair & Festival Dates

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