How much do you love lobster rolls?

Do you adore them so much that you could house a 2-foot-long lobster roll in one sitting?

Luk's Bar and Grill in Hudson, New Hampshire, was serving them up as a special for Father's Day weekend if you were lucky enough to make the trip.

You can see a small glimpse at the beast of a meal in the special menu shared on the restaurant's Facebook page.

For only $56.99, the 24-inch lobster roll consisted of lobster claw and knuckle in a house-made lemon basil aioli on a toasted roll with shredded lettuce and served hot or cold.

Oh, and some fries and coleslaw to go with it.

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One person took on the challenge and shared a photo of the epic meal in the comments of a Facebook post, saying: "This was insanely good. Perfect seasoning. The whole bar hushed as we got it delivered by the owner. I was not the only one taking a picture haha! We split it and took half of it home along with pretty much all of the fries and coleslaw. Great job, as always!"

According to the restaurant's website, the family-owned-and-operated eatery has been around since 2019 and is focused on establishing a place where people can enjoy themselves, have some great food and drink, and leave happy. And they indicate they are all about listening to customers' feedback.

Sadly, the 2-foot lobster roll is not a regular meal, so if you show up looking for one you'll be out of luck. But, they will likely return for another special weekend/day, so be on the lookout for any future announcements for its return.

Hopefully, enough customers let them know to bring it back for another round!

That said, you can still get delicious lobster rolls at Luk's, they just won't require a ruler to measure when you eat it.

At the same time, while you wait for Luk's to bring back the 2-foot lobster roll, you can always head to the Taste of Maine restaurant in Woolwich as they serve up one on the regular. And just like the one at Luk's, it's a whopping big one.

Think you can take on a 2-foot-long lobster roll? Where is your favorite place to get lobster rolls in New England?

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