The Duke of Fun was interviewed by the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk, Maine.

I know you probably are wondering how the Duke of Fun did an interview with the Animal Welfare Society. It's easy if animals are your life, like they are for AWS employees. This is Duke.


How did you get the name 'Duke of Fun'?

Well, my real name is Duke, but everyone calls me the Duke of Fun, because, well, I'm super fun! I’m currently up for adoption here at AWS and looking for my new family. I might be considered a duke, but I’m no royalty. I’m very easygoing, laid back, and love to go with the flow. I would be absolutely honored to be part of your family. Nothing would make me happier than to be The Duke of Fun and Family!

What are your likes, Duke...I mean, Duke of Fun?

Oh, I love so many things!

  • TOYS – I love toys! Plush toys, squeaky toys, chew toys...I haven't met a toy I don't like.
  • PEOPLE – I love being around people and am very social! I’ve never met a stranger.
  • WALKS – Exercise is my middle name, and I love to get outside for a good walk. I also usually walk with a toy in my mouth for the entire stroll! Please refer to first like.
  • COOKIES – Who doesn’t love a tasty treat? I will always sit for cookies, and may even drop my toy for one! Maybe.
  • NAPS –  I could sleep in the sun all day if they let me, but then it would interrupt my love of walking.
  • BELLY RUBS – I mean, don’t you?!
  • HAVING FUN – I know this seems a bit obvious, but I am The Duke of Fun! Whether it’s a car ride, a trip to the beach, a hike, a walk, or even just sitting down for a movie marathon, I’m there!
  • FAMILY – I want nothing more than to be a part of a family like yours. I will make a loving and loyal member (as your only dog, if that’s alright with you). Plus, I’m cute as a button!

Is there anything you don't like, Duke of Fun?

I don’t like not having a home and family to call my own. I’m so depressed being here at AWS. Yes, of course they treat me great and give me tons of belly rubs, treats, and walks, but my kennel makes me sad. I feel it in my heart how different it is from a loving home. So please, help me out of my funk by adopting (or fostering!) me. I’d be so happy to say, “Thank you and see you later” to my AWS friends as I head home.


Can you foster or adopt this sweet dog? Please contact the Animal Welfare Society with any questions. And here's a full bio for Duke. 

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