It's funny how once you enter your 30's, your entire mindset changes about what going out looks like. Going out in the city until 2am used to be easy, but just thinking about going out past midnight feels criminal. I remember being in my early 20's and having a club promotor hook me up every night in Boston to get into clubs for free with my girlfriends. If you asked me to do anything even remotely like that now, I'd be tired just thinking about it. You won't catch me dead in my 30's out at a club or bar in the Old Port past 8pm, HA! Funny how life changes.

Okay, so the idea of opening up a bar that only allows you in if you're 30 or older derives from a restaurant in Minnesota that actually did make that happen. If they can make it happen, I promise Mainers can also make it happen, and they'll love it too. Watch this:

If you're in your 30's, how many times have you declined an invitation out with your friends just because the crowd is typically too young? This might age me, but I know you're picking up exactly what I'm putting down. Once you've been there, done that, you really have no interest in going backwards. I know I'd personally adore a restaurant in the Old Port with this type of age restrictions, and the city of Portland has so many places it could go.

The constant turnover of bars, restaurants, vacant places along Commercial Street make a perfect canvas for a potential restaurant or bar to open up for people 30 years or older. Any business-owners out that want to team up? Hehe, kidding. Maybe.

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