I'm certain this debate has been going around for decades, but I have recently heard of a LOT of people decorating for Christmas very early.

I'm talking pre-November early.

Take my sister, for example. She got her fireplace mantel all ready with stockings and everything the day after Halloween...


Listen, I love Christmas more than the average folk. I do. Really.

Come the last week of November, I am itching for my Christmas PJs, the Christmas tree, the lights, everything. But isn't that what makes Christmastime and the holidays so special? The wait? The 30(ish) days of holiday spirit?

As a kid, I don't remember seeing Christmas lights the first week of November, let alone the end of October.

Are we ruining the Christmas spirit by starting the holidays earlier and earlier every year?

I feel like we kind of are. There are many great aspects that make the holidays so special. I truthfully feel like the buildup and wait are part of that.

Then, once Christmastime comes (which traditionally starts AFTER Thanksgiving), everyone is 100% locked in. EVERYONE celebrates. No one can deny that after Thanksgiving, it is time to get ready for Christmas.

If we move that earlier and earlier every year, doesn't some of that magic go away?

House Decorated with Christmas Lights
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For example, seeing Christmas lights on houses is so special. I think seeing them for one month makes them so magical. If you see them for eight weeks, that magic gets kind of lost.

I mean, when half of us start Christmas on November 1, the world is divided. Some people are in Christmas mode, others are still in fall mode.

And to that point, shouldn't we give fall the floor until it has come to a close anyway?

These are some of my thoughts.

I love Christmas. I can't wait. But that is just an expression...I can wait. And my house will wait, at least until Thanksgiving.

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