What's the most important meal of the day? You thought breakfast, and it is.

I am a BIG breakfast guy. Every morning I make a three-egg (two full, one white) breakfast sandwich with bacon and hot sauce on an English muffin.

Truthfully, I have been this for over 10 years. No, it does not get old...yet.

I often dislike spending money on breakfast sandwiches at coffee shops, travel stations, and other breakfast hotspots.

Here is my biggest complaint: they're too small. I don't want one egg and a strip of bacon. If I'm having the most important meal of the day, I want that sucker to fill me up.

For a long time (maybe even still now), I have thought the best breakfast sandwich comes from Bennett's Sandwich Shop.

On their signature bread roll, a small breakfast sub comes with three eggs, and a large holds four. That's before the meat...and they load it up with meat. To learn more about the (arguably) best sandwich shop in New England, Bennett's, click here.

Recently, I have seen a breakfast sandwich that is competing for the title of best breakfast sandwich in New England.

It is located at The Ugly Duckling in Portland, Maine.

Similar to Bennett's, this sandwich is LOADED. You will not leave hungry.

I am planning to take a trip up to Portland to give this a try. However, based strictly on looks, this is competing for the best breakfast sandwich in New England.

Here is what I need from you. Where is the BEST of the BEST places to get a big, filling breakfast sandwich?

Now, to each their own, but my criteria is simple: multiple eggs loaded with bacon or sausage, and no fancy stuff like arugula or other veggies.

I want to crown a place that deserves this title, and right now, Bennett's and the Ugly Duckling are in the running.

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