Yesterday was GORGEOUS. Sunny and 75 meant taking my wife to the driving range to learn the great (and miserably frustrating) game of golf.

We were so excited to spend the afternoon outside on a summery spring day. Well, that changed very quickly.

As we were about to turn left onto North Road, just off Route 1 in North Hampton, to enter the parking lot at the Sagamore Golf Center, we were left speechless...

10 feet in front of my truck, right on Rt. 1, a wire fell and started sparking.

I'm not sure if you have ever seen a live wire fall and start sparking up a street, but it is scary. Should I drive? Should I stop traffic? I mean, I HAVE to call 911, right?

I turned onto North Road, parked in the parking lot, and realized I HAD TO CALL. A brush fire in two spots began. You can see the downed wire around the small flames starting the fire below:

Logan Sherwood
Logan Sherwood

At first, I only saw smoke, but it was coming from two spots. The first smokey area was where the wire fell. That was obviously a big concern. Fire, live wire, Route 1 (a very busy road)...

Then I noticed that the same wire started a different brush fire in a much bigger field (just across the street from Sagamore Golf Center).

Logan Sherwood
Logan Sherwood

I called 911, and they were on the scene quickly (shoutout to the North Hampton Police and Fire Departments).

A lot of people were watching the field change from smoke to flames, which was not part of my game plan. Once the fire department was on the scene, I was OUT.

And I'm happy we did. As we drove back home, turning past the downed wire and field of smoke, we noticed how bad it had gotten in just three minutes. It was hard to see past the smoke.

I just want to thank the North Hampton Police and Fire Departments for arriving on the scene and taking control of the situation very quickly.

And as a reminder, don't be afraid to call 911. When I called, the dispatcher had already had reports of the fire, but he was very appreciative of more information that I had to offer.

If you THINK there is an emergency, do not be afraid to hit those three digits: 911.

Sometimes it feels like a scary or daunting task, but it could save lives.

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